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Delivery, Collection & Transportation of Cash & Valuables and Reconciliation, Reporting & Remittance.

Security Armed Solutions aims to improve the safety and efficiency of your business operations using the most innovative currency handling procedures available.

Detailed documentation and reporting coupled with a transparent process Specialising in covert collection, banking techniques and deposit verification.

We can verify deposits for accuracy and quickly transmit the information to your bank or to one of our relationship banks.

As a customer, your deposit is fully protected from the time we pick it up to the crediting of your account.

Our Banking Guarantee:
Security Escort Officers retain a strict policy relating to the deposits of currency at your banks.

To ensure that your cash has been deposited safely and correctly, we do not “chute drop” tamper proof fast deposit bags, we use the teller service, which also involves our banking register being signed and stamped for delivery verification.

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