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“At Security Armed Solutions our mission and focus is the continuous development of our company and personnel, through experience and training in order to achieve the highest possible standards in our industry and be able to reflect those in working with our clients, for our mutual benefit and success.”


Security Armed Solutions’ take customer service seriously, and have produced this policy for our customers to have a clear understanding of which procedures can be assessed, should you have a complaint about the service you claim have been provided by any of our staff members. When you call your managing consultant he or she will advise his or her first name and ask you for details of your enquiry or complaint. It may be necessary for our representative to collect some of your details, including your name and address, in order to properly attend to your enquiry or complaint.


  •  To provide a high level of customer care, including in the handling of any complaints;
  •  To provide efficient, fair and accessible processes for attending to and responding to enquiries and complaints;
  •  To provide assistance for special needs (such as language) and in the majority of cases, to resolve your enquiry during the first call or contact;
  •  To acknowledge your written correspondence, either verbally, by email or in writing usually within (5) business days of receipt.
  •  To resolve more complex complaints, for example where we need to gather further information and conduct interviews;
  •  Ensure the person investigating your complaint has the power and authority to make recommendations and take immediate action;
  •  To monitor our customer care with feedback surveys and assessing our quality of service.


Security Armed Solutions (SAS) was founded in October 2006, then an experienced security officer with some of the major players in the security industry.

There has been a steady growth of the company since then in all facets of the industry, reaching at the moment the level and ability to service over 60 clients as well as subcontract to other key players in the industry for Major Events and other important and high profile contracts.

When comparing our capabilities and proposed solution to that of competitors, the benefits of choosing SECURITY ARMED SOLUTIONS are:

  • High delivery standards and Ethics as we are a company that believes in growth for the   future.
  • Competitive cost in the security market.
  • Our commitment to a friendly but professional service.
  • Strong OH&S awareness.

Competative Advantages

The following are competative advantages that differentiate SECURITY ARMED SOLUTIONS from other providers:

  1. Company Recognition: Brand awareness: We currently operate Crowd control/Security services in most areas of Melbourne, Geelong and surrounding areas.
  2. Expertise & Stability: Highly knowledgeable workforce: Over 40 years of combined experience in the security industry
  3. Technological skills: All our management team is well versed and current with the latest technologies in the security industry
  4. High-level standards: Professionalism, confidentiality, public relations driven, loyal and strong ethics are just some of the standards we pride ourselves with, in order to drive our company forward and to grow.
  5. History of success: Steady growth in sales: Over 60 Clients in the security industry in just over 8 years of operation of our company
  6. Adaptability: We are able to adapt and overcome any situation in the industry with our resourcefulness and commitment to the task at hand
  7. Customer Service: First-class service: Our clients their clients and patrons as well as our employees are at the forefront of our commitments at all times 24/7 support: Client input: Listening to our clients needs and making sure they are not only met but projected and drilled into all our members in order to create a long term relationship in business. We understand that not one event is the same and all are just as important as their business is to us.


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